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Exective Search

Executive Search

"Our research driven executive search offering is one of the most highly regarded in the market"

Here is why…

  • Our unique market detailed consulting team is a best-connected people in the market
  • Comprehensive accurate data with company organizational charts, market rankings and basic analysis on a range of personnel-related issues
  • Our researchers observe the utmost discretion, checking and re-checking data to ensure that your employer brand is never compromised by an inappropriate approach-call
  • Complete market map with invaluable information on market trends and hiring patterns
Market Inteligens

Market Intelligence

"Our market intelligence services are designed to provide our clients with all the accurate information they need to make key decisions across a range of areas including hiring, budgeting, business planning, remuneration and general strategy. We create a report as a bespoke solution to a client's particular needs."

  • Competitor Intelligence Report: agreed detailed information on list of key competitors. Includes organisational structure, product strengths, P&L, hiring history and threat analysis
  • Client Analysis Report: far-reaching insights into specific clients
  • Succession Planning / Benchmarking Report: to benchmark your current employees against their counterparts in other institutions; a useful measurement against unexpected team departures, allowing you minimise the impact of losing key personnel
  • Perception Analysis Report: accurate profile of the way the market assesses your product offering, your business and the people within it
  • New Market Entry Analysis Report: allows you to assess a market which you may be considering entering by identifying your potential competitors' strengths and weaknesses
  • Other Bespoke Projects Report: we are happy to discuss your particular needs and deliver a one-off, personally-tailored research project which is not included above